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DIY crafters Hit Fells Point

May 8th A DIY crafters filled the old square of Fells Point, Baltimore. It was a small but potent showing, for the most part, distinguishing itself from the usual schlock that sometimes can be seen in this gnarled waterfront brick-a-topia. The craft people  here showed  how viable the DIY movement has become merging trade skills with design, such as the sleek pendants made from broken plates or the bike messenger bags sown from sailcloth and discarded bike inner-tubes. The question is can the products come down to the retail level, because some of this stuff, while well made — such as the diorama shelves– hovered around $80 bucks —  kind of pricey. True this is art and there’s skilled labor involved and you’re trying to bring  the artisan back from the dead, but hey the consumer is a cold-hearted bastard. It’s the ancient question, do you wanna sell a little or a lot.