Taking it to the streets — Winning Ugly is a Beautiful Thing

I’ve tried getting my message out through newspapers, tv, movie, the internet radio and now with a T-Shirt. And I’m going to film the whole thing, from me getting a Baltimore Peddler’s License, which still ain’t legal supposedly for downtown Baltimore, to me working out the design with the factory to hitting the streets with the T-shirts.
This aren’t any T-Shirts. These have been designed by yours truly: Baltimore, where winning ugly is a beautiful thing. This slogan should hit a sweet spot with Ravens fans. Despite being 9-2, the second best record in the AFC, the leader in their division, The Ravens gets little love by the National Media. That’s because their wins are so damned ugly. Even the fans say so. We barely beat bad teams on the road and yet at home The Ravens have the longest winning streak in the NFL, nearly two years running. The problem is that Ravens fans know that sooner or later Baltimore will have to win on the road to make it to the Superbowl and so far despite all the coach bluster of a win is a win, they have not shown anything. In fact they got their butts kicked by Houston, the very team they beat in last year’s post-season in ugly fashion at home, drawing the wrath of commentators.
Winning Ugly in Baltimore has been a tradition going back to the Ravens improbably Superbowl Win in 2001 when their now legendary defense got the job done. (Is it a coincidence that the NFL soon after changed the rules making it harder for defenses to get physical?)

Last year, the team faced the same ugliness criticism, but seemed to overcome their demons with decisive wins late in the season,only to loose in one of the ugliest ways against a much hyped but by in the end an inferior New England Patriots Team in the Championship. How ugly you ask? Lee Evens drops a Super Bowl ticket pass in the endzone and then our go – to kicker misses a gimmie game tier as the seconds and the season tics off. Heartbreaking.

So this year the cloud hangs thick. Yet after an ugly but courageous win on the road against the hapless San Diego Chargers last week, will the fans embrace this identity?
I’m going to find out by putting my money where my mouth is. By going out and trying to sell these shirts in one of the most famous tailgating scene in the country. And by the way this against the Ravens arch Rival The Steelers which the national media declares the best rivalry in football. This game is a guaranteed catalyst, bringing out character and some stupidity as well. But this may even bring up some first amendment issues as I won’t be surprised the Cops might
winning ugly stoop shot

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