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The Ravens Circle the Wagons and drink the Koolaide

Who could dream this up.

Who could dream this up.

Apparently, Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti has a home in Jupiter, Fla. where General Manager Ozzie Newsome, Coach Harbaugh  Dick Cass will soon get together for a few days to plot the coordinates for the teams’ now up-coming season with the play-offs on mute on the flat screen of course. The question is will the brain trust’s trip to Jupiter put them woefully out of touch as it did this year. Ten days and counting to ponder Baltimore miserable end to a sputtering season leaves much to wonder about the decision making. Everything from the pre-season roster juggling to game time decisions did as much as anything to put the Ravens out of the playoffs as the players performance.   And the one glaring clarion cry that the Ravens leadership may have dipped too much into the purple Koolaide was the trade of Anquan Boldin for a six round draft pick to Harbaugh’s brother’s team the 49ers, now a serious contender as any for a Super Bowl slot..  The jettison of Boldin is the single worst decision in Baltimore Sports history and one wonders if the same thought process is alive and well with this team.  You got to wonder how such a decision comes to pass. How Bisciotti who portrays himself as the average fan with a little bit more background, could ever let such a deal go down boggles the mind. And Yesterday’s state of the union conference did nothing to quell this sense of unease despite a steller  PR show featuring Harbaugh playing devil’s advocate with himself.In fact media and the fans, who venture onto the Ravens site, got a window into the all too familiar corporate culture that allowed American Automobile Industry to laugh at the Japanese back in the 1970s, when Detroit was about to get their butts handed to them.

Although no one in the press corps, a soft bunch as one could get, addressed Boldin debacle, (Preston never asked a question despite the taunts) Newsome spoke on it when he reminded everyone that he’s willing to let a good player walk. He was referring to Terrell Suggs presumed inflated contract considering his disappearing act in the last half of the season.

“We let a good football player go last year,” Newsome said. “I’m not adverse when it comes to letting guys walk out the door.”

This statement may reveal a GM completely lost in his ways that he’s using it as a point of pride when in fact it’s a flaw. But that’s not all, woven throughout the hour presser, he and Harbaugh referred to this mystical receiver that they’ve recently drawn a composite. Get this: He gets Yac and is a third and long guy.

Again, I go back to owner and wonder what he could be thinking, especially after being convinced that Boldin is 32 and washed up and too costly for a two million increase.

He offered a glimpse into the decision making process: “I think your heart wants to react quickly. If you are a wise business man , you take time to listen to a lot of people and contemplate a lot of different things.”

What does Bisciotti has to make of all that talk and contemplation now that Boldin’s two games away from back to back Super Bowl appearances. His stock and shape looks a hell a lot better than the big money stars he left behind here in Baltimore. Suggs, Ngata or Yanda.

As far as what Bisciotti had to say, he talked more like a corporate executive should, spinning positive no matter what. He said, he was comfortable with where we were headed, that basically be glad we’re not the Falcons, but slightly disturbing was his assessment of the team: “A half short of getting into the playoffs.” You mean the Cincinnati game where the Bungles did everything they could to give their game away. Actually the most reliable barometer of the Ravens was the at home against New England where the Ravens were out-classed on every facet.

I guess what would have been useful is some kind of indication that the Ravens were going to not go down the road making the same derailing decisions, that they have broken free of the insipid mindset that propelled this team to the edge of disaster. All we know is they are off to Jupiter.