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A Good Party Spoiled

Fells Point Square Swept Clean. A spontaneous Super Party wasn't going to happen

Fells Point Square Swept Clean. A spontaneous Super Party wasn’t going to happen

Fans take refuge in the Fells Point Bars. As the Cops corral the streets..

Fans take refuge in the Fells Point Bars. As the Cops corral the streets..

The wagon awaitsThe wagon awaits

On one hand you got to give the cops props for anticipating what could be mass destruction if Super Bowl party had gone bad. But on the other hand, you got to wonder about the excessive show of force. It’s not like I saw any abuse or anything, but it did snuff any spontaneous joy that this one fan craves. It got to the point where a stupid night at Bond Street Social unleashes more asshole, well off folks who don’t give a damn as they scream into rowhouse windows throughout the neighborhood. I’d rather see Ravens fans full of good will and smiles and all walks hugging each other.  The spontaneity is the true joy of sports — the whole thing with Seven Nation Army — and when the Ravens beat the Patriots, punching their ticket to the Super Bowl, there was the moment when the Police Commander was all smiles and his unit stood down allowing about 500 kids moshing with joy.  But that beauty was stymied with this win as the square stood erriely empty and cops on horseback chased down a group of fans down Lancaster Street. As a resident I would love to see that same attitude applied to the well off Revelers who scream into windows just to hear their voices.

Here’s an open plea to the Mayor. Could you please allow the Citizens of Baltimore to have some fun during the Parade next Monday.

Twelve years ago under Martin O’Malley, the Super Bowl party was pretty paltry, just an appearance from the team and they sent the crowd on their way. It was like people showing up ready to party and being sent to the door. Please aspire for something better.

The Calvery keeps it clean

The Calvery keeps it clean


Why The Ravens will Win the Super Bowl — Winning Ugly

Of course this is purple glasses homer talk, but I see the Ravens winning this game and rather decisively. Truthfully,  each team I believe has an equal chance. At this point the odds makers, and experts have no inkling and can’t represent reality. (They have been wrong about the Ravens all through the post-season) But the real reason for me putting my name down behind the Ravens is all the hype they’re given Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers Pistol Offense. They act like  San Fran has dominated every team in the post season, befuddling offenses. But truthfully San Fran barely made their way past Seattle and Atlanta. Against Falcons, Matt Ryan and his two picks and fumble did as much for San Francisco as Kaepernick’s  gutsy throws.

The same can be said about the Ravens – Denver game when The Bronco chose to run the ball in the last two minutes.  Guaranteeing the Baltimore to get the ball back no doubt played in the Ravens hands. But the Ravens aren’t trying befuddle anyone. They are winning by any means necessary either by winning ugly or just wearing down a team like they did to New England.

As far as The Ravens not seeing anything like Kaepernick, I say balderdash. The Ravens did a fine job forcing R.G. III to beat them in the air (which ummm, yikes, he did),but the defense was pretty gimpy at that point and now safely in hindsight, Baltimore pretty much should have won that game.

Now Suggs and Nagta has had two weeks rest and Krugger is grinding at a high level. The Ravens have also have experience with Roethlisberger, who may not be as fleet footed as Kaepernick but is every bit as tough to bring down , devastated defenses with his last second passes.  But the Ravens have gotten past all those days at least for this year.(Insert Suggs hanging off of Big Ben as the Beast hits Ward to win game Ugggg).

But let’s talk Right here, right now. The amazing thing about the Ravens is they can beat you in so many ways. The offense is so stacked that it could actually be a problem for the coaches in that they call the wrong plays. Anquan Boldin, as pointed out by  Kris Jones, in Russell Street Reporter has emerged as must cover threat allowing the Ravens to break out their other receivers. Tory Smith, Jones and less not forget Ray Rice in the backfield or hey diddle diddle up the middle.And if that’s not enough add this year’s breakout Raven, running back  Pierce. He should be mended enough after two weeks rest that he will be sorting up the D-line with his power runs.  But like a soothsayer, I envision the games before they are played. I’m not saying I have any mojo, but sometimes I swear these vision come true. It’s more like finally my fantasy play a boyhood quirk that has never left gets actualized is more like it. But for the first time I’m going to put it on the line. I foresee, a big game for Suggs as he for the first time this year, emerges as 95 percent himself and causes mayhem in the backfield. I also see Ed Reed doing the hometown hero thing,  tipping a brazened pass in the middle, to himself and taking it to the house and of course he won’t be able to resist holding the ball out like he used to do in the early years. (We love Ed Reed. Gonna miss him). I also see Flacco just tearing up the field. If he gets that smile on his face watch out. (BTW to all those folks who say Flacco doesn’t have emotion, they must have missed that smile. You ever see a quarterback grin so freely in the heat of battle?)

The real threat to the Ravens is the distraction. Can the Ravens maintain their focus, can they somehow pace themselves through that excruciating long Sunday and not wear down emotionally. Because if they can time their intensity I think  San Francisco isn’t gonna see this one coming freight train before its too late. I predict the Ravens win by two scores.

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